Government Quality Safer Prosthesis Installation Dr. Emil Svoboda

Government Quality Safer Prosthesis Installation Dr. Emil Svoboda

Citation: Svoboda ELA. Government Quality Management System for Safer Prosthesis Installation. Sept 3, 2018

Materials, techniques and protocols for dental implant surgery and restoration have evolved significantly over the years and continue to evolve. As practitioners and teachers, we are obligated to seek out new knowledge and information, to maintain high professional standards for our patients. Looking back, with the knowledge that we had, we may have all exposed some patients to risk factors for peri-implant disease. Can we do better now? I know we can, but it may require some procedural modifications.

Did you know that abutment manufacturers must comply with Government imposed ISO 14801:2016 Standards, to sell their products in Canada or the USA? These standards assume that the dentist will install these abutments according to the manufacturer’s specifications and thus optimize the implant-abutment connection. Do you think dentists should know how to install abutments onto dental implants according to the manufacturer’s specifications? Does your installation technique comply with the spirit of ISO 14801:2016 Standards? Does the installation technique that you are teaching, allow the user to optimize the implant-abutment connection(s)? Are your students made aware of this problem and its potential implications?




Government Quality Safer Prosthesis Installation
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